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All the Comforts of Home

eVideon's bedside solution engages, educates and entertains patients, improving experience and outcomes.

eVideon gives patients, their families and visitors more options, enjoyment and control during their stay. HDTV, movies on demand and music offer distraction, entertainment and relaxation. Patients and caregivers can access a library of video learning material on demand that’s tailored to the patient’s preferences, age, condition and language.

For Adults

On demand patient education, meal ordering, service requests and surveys get patients actively involved in their care. Access to visiting hours, cafeteria options, local restaurants and transportation leads to a more relaxing patient experience.

With eVideon, new moms can watch on demand videos while caring for their baby. A mom can simply pause her educational video and pick it up again where she left off or review the material as needed. Video education is an important step in helping prepare new mothers for discharge and caring for their baby and themselves at home. When integrated with your hospital’s EHR, eVideon automatically writes education progress notes for clinical staff.

A new mom can easily make non-medical requests like order a meal or give feedback on experience – quietness, room temperature and pain through interactive surveys and have her concerns addressed in real time. Plus, eVideon’s on demand videos and games are perfect for keeping siblings who are visiting occupied.

Service Requests

Non-medical service requests like “I need a blanket” are routed directly to the appropriate staff members, so patient needs can be addressed quickly. 


Patients access HD relaxation videos and guided imagery on demand. The sleep aid feature puts the television into a noise-reducing mode with calming sounds and a black or “night-light” screen.

For Kids

Children and their parents experience interactive, colorful graphics and can access a pediatric health library. Movies, games and TV shows keep kid's minds busy, while their bodies rest. Why do parents love eVideon? It distracts children from discomfort and provides escape. When a child is engrossed in 102 Dalmatians while the nurse changes an IV, it’s a win-win. When young patients have siblings visit, movies and video games entertain them, too!

TV Channel Lineup with Parental Controls

Television channel line-ups are customizable, allowing limited channels in waiting rooms or eliminating certain options from a pediatric line-up. The movie offering can be also customized by demographics, such as only allowing pediatric patients to see G and PG rated movies.

Nursing Staff Override

Nursing staff can easily override the default movie offering and add or delete movies for the young patient and their family.

For Seniors

Seniors view larger fonts, bigger buttons large print or high-contrast theme. The menu can feature tailored resources to the needs of the senior community like local rehabilitation and transportation, information on specific services like Medicare.

Tailored Resources

Information on services specific to their needs with access to Medicare, patient education and entertainment. Local rehabilitation and senior living resources, Advanced Directive videos and information, hospital and community information.

Specific Education

Patient education is available in more than 20 languages on top conditions like heart failure, heart attack, diabetes and pneumonia.


eVideon is designed to be accessible to all patients.

Visually Impaired

Low visibility option is designed in high-contrast black and white and features audio books, radio, local accessibility channels and relaxation content.

Adaptive Devices

Compatible with adaptive devices like sip-and-puff, eye sensors and other closed-contact devices.

Video Features for Hearing Impaired

Features closed captioning, so hearing impaired patients can enjoy television and movies

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