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Our interactive TV solution creates a highly-personalized in-room experience that educates, entertains, and engages patients throughout their hospitalization.

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Entertainment and Education Together

Hospitalized patients spend most of their time watching TV. It’s a great way for patients to relax, but it’s also a great opportunity to engage them in their care. eVideon Engage leverages the TV to prompt timely, meaningful interaction with patients, while providing a supportive and relaxing environment.

A Calming Environment

The TV can greet patients by their preferred name as they enter their room while customized calming content plays, setting the tone for a stay that’s as relaxing and restful as possible with personal touches. Engage helps communicate that patients are recognized not just as patients, but as people. 

Seamless Workflows

Engage can integrate fully with your EMR and ADT systems. That means patient education can be automatically assigned based on admission triggers (data such as floor, unit or diagnosis). It can be assigned manually by clinical staff or assigned directly from within your EMR and documented back into the EMR.

Patient Satisfaction

Surveys prompt patients to provide real-time feedback for service recovery. Survey questions help you efficiently ensure patients’ rooms are clean, services are delivered timely, and patients are comfortable. If a patient reports dissatisfaction, notifications can be routed to the right person or department to address issues quickly. 

Meet the Clinical Team

Through an RTLS interface, Engage displays the name, picture and role of the person entering the patient's room. 

Paperless Information in Patients' Preferred Language

Handbooks, channel guides, welcome videos, food menus and more can be digitally displayed on the system, eliminating the need for paper handouts that are expensive and easily lost. Updates can be made and displayed in real time without costly reprints, and patients can view information in their preferred language. 

Meal Ordering

Engage integrates with your meal ordering software, giving patients the opportunity to order their meals using their TV and pillow speaker. Meal options are displayed for each patient based on their specific dietary orders. If a patient has exceeded their nutritional guidelines, the system displays the details and offers other choices. This process saves the dietary team from having to enter every room each time, preserving PPE and creating efficiencies.

Patient Service Requests

Relieve nurse call button fatigue and give patients a way to request non-clinical items or services. Patients can easily request pastoral care, room cleanup, help out of bed, a therapy dog, or anything else you’d like to offer. The patient uses their pillow speaker to request the item or service. The request bypasses the nurse and goes directly to the department who can help. 

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“A specific outcome from this solution has been service recovery with patient experience. Also, another big one has been seeing some patient satisfaction with all of the capabilities through the platform. It has been a time-saver for our nursing staff because patients can put in requests for engineering help or food right from their TVs. Those things are things the nursing staff would have had to do. Within a year of implementing the product, we had almost a thousand requests where a nurse would have needed to go in and request things that the patients are now requesting directly from their own TV”

Manager, November 2022

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Frequently asked questions

Do you offer tablets for patient engagement?

Yes! We offer companion tablet solutions and allow patients to use their own smartphones or devices to input information.

Is the interface customizable?

Yes. All of our solutions are white-labeled and branded with your logo, colors and imagery. We can also configure menus to display the information most important to you and your patients, where it makes the most sense. We’ll work with you throughout implementation to ensure the interface looks the way you want it to.

Do you offer BYOD options?

Yes. Patients and families can scan a QR code to interact with Engage.

What food service systems does Engage integrate with?

Engage can integrate with food service vendors including but not limited to CBORD, Computrition, Sodexo or Morrison. Diet orders are pulled from the EMR so patients are only shown menu choices that are compatible with their diet.

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