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Bidirectional VistA and CPRS integration.

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The eVideon Advantage

Oscar G. Johnson VAMC rates above national average with eVideon.
(VA Health Experience Rating, April 2015 to March 2016)

Veteran Care Integrated with VistA and CPRS

eVideon is the first Interactive Patient Care System to have a bidirectional integration with VistA. It works seamlessly, simplifying a nurse’s workflow at every step.

 1. Nurse assigns education

Using CPRS, the nurse assigns educational content to a Veteran

 2. eVideon delivers

eVideon receives this assignment and makes the appropriate media available on the Veteran’s television

3. Automated documentation

The Veteran’s viewing history and assessment results flow automatically back into CPRS

Streamline Veteran Education

When Veterans can start the education process on their own with high-quality videos – especially for complex diagnoses like heart disease or diabetes – they have the chance to think about what they’ve learned and prepare questions. 

For Veterans with literacy challenges, video presentations are retained better than handouts. Educational videos are available on a wide range of topics and facilities can access our free VA Health Library.

Access Veteran Resources

Veterans can access VHA resources like My HealtheVet and Connected Health Apps.

Surveys and Assessments

Your hospital can proactively measure quality and satisfaction initiatives like nighttime quietness or communication with clinical staff. When an urban VA Medical Center wanted to create a program to address quiet at night, they implemented a survey on their eVideon menu. The survey helped them gather actionable data for their Quiet at Night program.

eVideon streamlines service recovery. When a Veteran responds to a survey question in a predetermined way, such as a negative response to a question, eVideon sends a message to the appropriate staff member for service recovery. This allows issues or perceived problems to be quickly and efficiently addressed. 

Create Workflow Efficiencies

eVideon reduces non-medical Veteran calls for nurses and automatically directs requests to appropriate staff members. Veterans can easily request assistance or non-medical services such as a chaplain visit and housekeeping. This reduces time spent waiting for assistance and increases staff efficiencies.

Supportive Relaxation and PTSD

Studies show that views of nature can help Veterans with PTSD relax. Harmonia combines the beauty of nature with musical compositions to reduce stress and anxiety and promote feelings of well-being. Sleep Aid helps mask normal hospital sounds; Veterans see a “night-light” screen and can choose to hear static (brown noise), fan, waves or soothing forest sounds.

VA Hospital and Community Resources

Veterans and their families access hospital information like maps, directions, cafeteria and gift information as well as community information like hotels, restaurants and shopping. Your hospital can also post resources like VA programs, community social services, crisis hotlines or hospital resources like My HealtheVet.

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