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Our bedside tablet solution provides patients with increased control and autonomy.

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Multiple Users

Companion Tablets provide all the features and benefits of our Engage in-room TV solution for multiple users. For example, a patient can watch assigned education content on the tablet while a family member watches the game on TV. They complement each other.

Easier Input

Touchscreens let patients and visitors use an on-screen keyboard to input information that interacts with the eVideon Engage TV solution (goals, questions, websites, etc). This eliminates the need for external keyboards, which can cause infection control issues, are often dropped or misplaced, and need frequent battery changes or charges. 

Always in Reach

Companion Tablets are typically tethered to a patient engagement table, preventing them from being dropped, lost or stolen. Tethering also allows a constant power source so tablets don’t need to be recharged. The tablet “floats” in front of the patient, so even patients with limited mobility or those who are fatigued can easily control the system.

Other Benefits

For semi-private rooms, the Companion Tablet is a wonderful solution, allowing each patient to have privacy and avoid disturbing the other with their choice of entertainment and education. 

Testimonial Image

“Overall, eVideon's system has really been a win. The tool is essential for nurses to help educate their patients because the videos are short and sweet. The tool opens up a dialogue with the patients so that they can watch the video and ask questions. The nurses can watch the video with the patients. The tool has really improved our patient satisfaction. We have a survey about eVideon's system where the patients can answer questions about how we are doing. If the patient were to respond negatively on the survey, we can get those responses in real time, go to the patient's bedside, and try to do some service recovery before discharge. That has been a really great feature.

Analyst/Coordinator, December 2019

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Frequently asked questions

What hardware is required?

While iPads are most popular, eVideon can run on any modern tablet.

Can patients bring their own tablets?

Yes. While these tablets wouldn’t be tethered to the engagement table, patients can bring their own tablets and use them as input devices for certain eVideon features.

Can the system use wireless keyboards?

Yes. However, we have found in our experience that wireless keyboards tend to be cumbersome for patients to use and often get tossed out of reach. Client partner feedback has indicated that patients strongly prefer touchscreen tablets mounted on a device for easy interaction.

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