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Our digital whiteboards are fully integrated to display critical health information to patients, families, and care teams in real-time.

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Fully Integrated

eVideon Insight integrates directly with your EMR in real time so you can be sure information is accurate and reliable. Nurses no longer have to spend valuable time updating dry erase boards, double checking information and replacing old markers. Customize the layout to display the following:

• Patient’s assigned care team 

• Safety precautions

• Daily schedule 

• Goals or tasks 

• Medications 

• Estimated discharge date 

• Pain scale 


Patients and caregivers can communication more effectively and efficiently with their nurses and physicians with Insight's interactive features. Using their pillow speaker handset, Companion Tablet, or even their personal phone or device, they can share their goals, ask a question, or offer insights into their personal preferences to help make their stay more comfortable.

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Available on Digital Paper

In partnership with E Ink, Insight can use the same energy saving technologies as eReaders for better usability and to keep patient rooms dim while patients rest. Digital paper provides: 

• High visibility from all angles 

• Zero light pollution 

• Low power consumption 

• Can run on power over Ethernet


Patients can bring up a full-screen whiteboard with the touch of a button, or can view information without exiting their TV or movie. Insight can also be a standalone display, separate from the Engage patient TV console.


The Insight display is based on real-time activity in the hospital. For example, when a care team member enters the room, real-time location system (RTLS) integration can allow a pop-up to display, notifying the patient who has entered the room. Similarly, Insight can display completed rounds based on actual rounding activity.


You choose the information you wish to display on your Insight whiteboards. The interface and modules are fully customizable to include your logo, branding, and desired patient-facing information.

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“I have nothing but great things to say about eVideon and my experience with them. Their communication is amazing and their people are very easy to work with. Scheduling time with them is not a problem. My project with eVideon has been the smoothest project that I have done in a long time.”

Analyst/Coordinator, February 2021

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Frequently asked questions

Does it matter which EMR I have?

No. Insight can integrate with any EMR via HL7 interface.

Is the interface customizable?

Yes. Insight is completely customizable - you select which pieces of information should be displayed and dynamically updated.

Will I still need a dry erase board for nurses to update?

No. Insight can automatically display essentially anything that would have been documented on a dry erase board previously. We’ve heard from nurses that they love not having to run from room to room replacing dried out markers.

I don’t want too many “screens” in my patient rooms. Are there other options?

Yes. Insight’s features can be displayed on Companion Tablets, or on request on the patient’s Engage TV. We have also partnered with E Ink to deliver in-room wall displays that don’t emit light (zero light pollution) and are extremely energy efficient. This drastically reduces the “screen stress” in patient rooms.

Can content be displayed in languages other than English?

Yes. Insight can display content in any language automatically based on information in your EMR. Patients can also change the display language at any time.

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