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Can we have different interfaces for different facilities? Units?

Yes, the hospital can organize its television locations into various groups and have different interfaces, menus, information or videos based on the facility, unit or other organization of the hospital’s choice.


Can patient education videos be automatically assigned to a patient?

Yes, a patient can be assigned videos based on their location in the hospital or information from the EMR. For example, a unit-specific welcome video can be assigned to a patient upon admission to the unit or a patient can be assigned education based on their admitting diagnosis.


Can I use my own videos?

Absolutely! eVideon handles your content the same as other video content. Typically internally-produced content would be used for welcome videos, patient education and staff education.


Where does the patient education content come from?

An eVideon Customer Success Advocate will work with your team to select patient education content that best fits the needs and budget of your organization. We work with a variety of general and specialty education providers to build a library that also can include internally-produced videos. No-cost videos from non-profit organizations and government agents can be included. ­


What topics are covered in a patient education library?

Our patient education providers include conditions and discharge instructions, medications, procedures, patient safety, wellness and disease prevention. Topics include common conditions like heart-conditions, pneumonia, COPD, orthopedics and mother-baby, as well as specialty topics, such as pediatrics, Veteran-specific conditions and dosage-specific medication instructions.


Is eVideon available in multiple languages?

Yes, eVideon allows hospitals to select as many languages as they like. The patient then can select from the pre-selected languages.


We have a large health system, do you offer pilot programs?

Yes! Pilot programs are a great way of trying out innovative workflows and new methods of care delivery. Talk with a representative to get started designing your own pilot program. There are many ways to use televisions, touch screens and mobile displays in your hospital -- we're here to help!


Can eVideon work with touch screen displays, like PDi?

Absolutely! eVideon and PDi have an excellent partnership that offers hospitals the best patient experience solution over a touch screen display. Talk with a representative today about using touch screen displays in your hospital.


Does eVideon require a dedicated FTE?

eVideon does not require a dedicated employee, even part-time, to manage and maintain the system at your facility. In fact, our clients love telling us that eVideon has been an economic system to implement, expand, support and maintain over the product's lifecycle.

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