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The only platform purpose-built to transform the care experience for patients, families, and clinicians with smart room technology that enhances clinical workflow and delivers safe, high-quality care for all.

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Build a smarter enterprise

Drive more value from IT investments by integrating with the EMR, and other installed technology, to turn the patient room into an extension of the care team and capture real-time feedback that keep leaders informed.

Create clinical efficiency

Alleviate nurses of non-clinical responsibilities with paperless workflows and automation that eliminates administrative tasks and reduces documentation so  nurses can practice at the top of their license.

Deliver better experiences

Elevate the experience for patients, families, and staff with technology that provides more meaningful interactions and ensures a frictionless experience throughout the care journey.

Engage Patients and Families

Amplify the voice of the patient and their loved ones with personalized communication, tailored education, and self-service tools to increase satisfaction, foster loyalty, and improve outcomes. Vibe Health makes information accessible across multiple devices, in preferred languages, and invites patients to provide feedback, submit service requests, and actively engage in their care plan.

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Improve the Clinician Experience

Automate clinical workflows and non-clinical service requests by integrating in-room technology with the EMR and other installed technologies to create clinical efficiency and enable nurses and clinical care teams to spend more time focused on direct patient care

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Discover the Vibe Health difference

Vibe Health is designed with the clinical workflow in mind to reduce the technology burden on nurses and clinical care teams while personalizing the patient journey every step of the way. Vibe Health has robust integration capabilities with the hospital EMR and other installed technologies to transform the patient room into an interactive, inclusive environment that acts as an extension of the care team. Discover how to make it easier for patients, families, and clinicians to access accurate, real-time information when it’s needed most.

Go inside the patient room of the future.

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