Patient Education

Prepared patients are engaged and in control of their health.

Personalize Patient Education and
Simplify Clinical Workflows

Educate patients through high-quality videos, including hospital-produced content.

Improve clinical efficiency by automating the assignment and documentation of educational content. Choose educational material from your preferred vendor, or deliver your own in-house content directly to the patient's in-room TV. Our seamless EMR integration delivers tailored education based on each patient's disease or condition.

EHR Integration

Integrate with your EHR for automated assignment and documentation.

eVideon integrates with your hospital's electronic medical records system to assign media and personalize the patient’s language, options and views. Tools are integrated into the EHR, making it easy for nurses to begin the education process, see video viewing history and assessment results. Since video education is automatically documented, this streamlines nurse workflows and helps them assess the patient's readiness to care for themselves. The documentation also helps with meeting Medicare’s meaningful use requirements.

Nurses can easily assign education, change patient's preferred name and message patients.

Personalized Education

Based on patient’s age, condition, educational level and comprehension.

eVideon personalizes the hospital experience. When the patient arrives in their room and first turns on their TV, they are greeted by name. They are also presented with options for entertainment and education, which are customized depending on their demographic and learning needs. The nurse has the ability to make changes to education assignments or change the greeting to a patient’s preferred name like changing Jennifer to Jen.

eVideon’s on demand learning material is based on a patient’s age, condition and language. Seniors can view larger fonts and bigger buttons. Children and their parents can see fun, colorful graphics and a pediatric health library.

Patients can be assigned patient education content automatically, by EHR integration or through the eVideon Care Team application. Education can be assigned based on multiple factors, such as age, diagnosis, medication or location in the hospital.

Target Learning Barriers

Video education that addresses literacy challenges, language and cultural needs.

Each patient is unique, from their health literacy and primary language to their learning style. With eVideon, patients and caregivers can access a library of learning content on demand that can be tailored to the patient’s diagnosis and educational needs, as well as their age and language.

43% of Americans have difficulty comprehending written materials. 

Our content providers offer a wide selection of educational videos in multiple languages on a range of topics, including top conditions such as heart attack, diabetes, joint replacement and mother-baby. Patients can learn at their own pace, and nurses are afforded more time to spend with patients. Time that’s focused on providing patients with a deeper understanding of their condition and preparing them to go home.

Multiple Languages

You have the flexibility to create multiple language interfaces, so patients can select their preferred language from a pre-selected list. If the mom speaks Spanish, but the teen speaks English, they just switch back and forth to get information and watch educational videos.

Content Agnostic

Your hospital can include content for patient education assignments or browsing videos, questionnaires and flip charts from any vendor, in any language available. It’s also easy to add your own hospital-produced educational content.

Translator Services Application

With eVideon’s translator services application, the patient, doctor or clinical staff can video conference with a translator right in the room. The application even allows for a three-way video conference, so a physician can join with a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Age Appropriate

Children and their parents experience interactive, colorful graphics and have access to a pediatric health library. Seniors view larger fonts, bigger buttons large print or high-contrast theme, along with information on services specific to their needs and patient education.

Preparing for Discharge

Engaging caregivers and families in the process.

Preparing patients and their families for discharge with personalized video education reinforces patient education concepts and learning. When caregivers and families are engaged in the process, it can help reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.

Increase Care Comprehension

Patients may have lifestyle changes, multiple instructions for medications and home care. To make it easy and convenient, video education can be paused, rewound or fast-forwarded. eVideon tracks where the patient left off; the patient can return to where they left off after changing rooms or from different locations or devices.

Provides Better Transitions of Care

eVideon provides better transitions of care and identifies patients who are more likely to be readmitted within 30 days. Providing a diabetes patient with videos on diabetes management, monitoring and self-care can prevent a return visit. 

Education on Demand

Our patient education team will help you build a comprehensive library of on demand patient education videos, interactive learning tools and images on topics such as medications, procedures, discharge instructions, lifestyle changes and wellness.

Slide Shows, Animated Drawings & Images

Since 43% of Americans have difficultly comprehending written medical instructions, eVideon provides a variety of visual aids with its video education – slide shows, animated drawings and images – designed to help patients understand their condition or procedure.

Post-education Assessments

After the patient takes a post-educational survey about the material, the nurse can quickly uncover potential causes for readmissions and opportunities for teach back before discharge. Teach back confirms a patient’s understanding of the materials and reinforces the main points of their care.

Distinguished Leader in Patient Education

Recognized by AVIA Connect as a 2023 Top Company in Patient Education.

Vibe Health has been named to AIVA Connect’s Top Patient Education Companies Report based on the aggregation and analysis of health system implementation data across the country.

Learn more about this recognition and download the report today!

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