eVideon Aware Patient Room Signage

Real-time patient precautions and notifications staff can see from down the hall.

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Patient Safety

Prevent costly mistakes by giving care teams instant, up-to-date information as they enter patient rooms.


Aware integrates with your EMR to show real-time precautions such as required PPE, fall risk, isolation, active service requests, staff in the room, and other information your team would find beneficial prior to entering the patient room. Because it comes from your source of truth, you can be sure information is accurate and reliable every time.


Real-time notifications alert staff when a patient needs to be repositioned or an outstanding request needs to be addressed. Ambient backlit frames can display color coded lighting to alert staff at a distance.

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“eVideon is really great at realizing that we are in the business of patient care and communication. That is their business too, and they realize that. And we are not the experts in what they do. They just fix things so that we can get on with taking care of patients. That is the nature of the relationship, and it has worked really well.”

Director, September 2020

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Frequently asked questions

Does Aware require extra wiring?

While we do recommend a power source at each location, Aware can run on WiFi, so it does not require Ethernet connectivity.

Does it matter which EMR I have?

No. Aware can integrate with any EMR via HL7 interface.

Is the interface customizable?

Yes. Aware is completely customizable - you select which pieces of information should be displayed and dynamically updated.

Are there energy efficient or low-light solutions?

Yes. We have partnered with E Ink to provide displays that don’t emit light (zero light pollution) and are extremely energy efficient.

Can the display be customized for multi-patient rooms?

Yes. We can configure a variety of interfaces and mounting solutions to accommodate rooms with multiple patients. We can also customize the information displayed. (For example, your needs may be different on a mother-baby unit versus a med-surg unit.)

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Real-time patient precautions and notifications staff can see from down the hall.
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