Vibe Health Aware

Digital patient door signs designed to protect patients, staff, and visitors with real-time notifications and alerts outside the patient room.

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Leading with Safety

Improving patient and workforce safety is one of the top priorities for today's healthcare leaders. Technology can close safety gaps by delivering accurate and reliable information to the right people, at the right time throughout the healthcare journey.

Aware digital door signs are designed to keep patients, staff, and visitors properly informed. Dynamic displays outside of the patient room provide real-time access to critical health information, helping hospitals prevent costly mistakes and improve care coordination.

Integrated with the EMR

Aware integrates with your EMR to display real-time precautions and alerts such as required PPE, fall risk, isolation status, active service requests, staff in the room, and more. The interface is fully customizable to support clinical workflow and the unique needs of our client organizations.

Using ambient backlit frames, hospitals can display color coded lighting to communicate with staff even from a distance to eliminate potential safety risks.

Create High Reliability Organization

High reliability is a success factor in clinical quality, patient experience, and patient safety. For healthcare leaders, the high-reliability journey requires a commitment to error prevention and continuous improvement of work systems.

Watch this on demand webinar to hear from safety and high reliability expert, Craig Clapper, PE as he explore the characteristics of high reliability organizations (HROs) and how smart room technology unlocks the power of high reliability in healthcare. Watch on demand >

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“We really feel like clinical/non-clinical team members and providers, along with patients and families, can really benefit from the entire eVideon package and experience. The Aware digital door sign is a nice compliment to the digital whiteboard in the room as it frees the doorways from all the manual signage, precautions, etc. that get placed in around the doors.”

Christy Sprinkle
Director, Facilities Infrastructure Portfolio - Digital Products and Services
Novant Health

Frequently asked questions

Does Aware require extra wiring?

While we do recommend a power source at each location, Aware can run on WiFi, so it does not require Ethernet connectivity.

Does it matter which EMR I have?

No. Aware can integrate with any EMR via HL7 interface.

Is the interface customizable?

Yes. Aware is completely customizable - you select which pieces of information should be displayed and dynamically updated.

Are there energy efficient or low-light solutions?

Yes. We have partnered with E Ink to provide displays that don’t emit light (zero light pollution) and are extremely energy efficient.

Can the display be customized for multi-patient rooms?

Yes. We can configure a variety of interfaces and mounting solutions to accommodate rooms with multiple patients. We can also customize the information displayed. (For example, your needs may be different on a mother-baby unit versus a med-surg unit.)

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