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Scalable, Flexible and Reliable

When eVideon engineers were presented with the challenge of delivering television, video and communication services for hospital patients, it was clear that traditional coaxial infrastructure couldn’t meet the demand for deploying a scalable, flexible and reliable solution.

eVideon engineers and developers used a forward-thinking approach when selecting a distribution infrastructure that could meet the demands of hospitals and their patients. While most facilities were using a network of coaxial cabling and analog components to broadcast video services, it was clear that these legacy components were not up to the job of delivering HDTV, personalized education and bidirectional communications.


eVideon chose to build its solution on top of an Ethernet based network that leverages the Internet Protocol to create a cutting-edge technology, IPTV. eVideon’s future-proof solution uses equipment and services that are common knowledge to hospital IT staff. The result is a scalable system that's easy to deploy and maintain.  

Easily add TV locations

Adding a TV location in one building is just as easy as adding a TV in another.

One central web based application

Every TV and every site in a health system is managed through one central web based application.

Distributed architecture

Distributed architecture allows Video on Demand (VoD) to be served up from a local point of presence rather than unnecessarily taking up bandwidth over your backbone or WAN links.


When eVideon is installed in your hospital or health system it reflects your goals, quality of care and branding initiatives, which are important elements for delivering an exceptional experience to patients. TV locations can be grouped into zones organized by building, floor, unit or any desired grouping. This flexible architecture allows you to provide customized experiences for your patients.

Personalized Educational Videos

Personalized custom videos and educational content options for each patient, regardless of location

Custom Content

Customize your menu with a welcome message and selections for languages, movies, TV and hospital information

Custom Theme with Your Branding

Extend your hospital’s branding initiatives with your own custom theme

Patient Feedback 

Receive patient feedback in real time with custom questionnaires and surveys

Menu Builder

Easy-to-use menu builder allows you to toggle menu options on and off for organizations, zones and individual patients

Custom Welcome Video

Greet patients to your hospital with a custom welcome video


We're serious about reliability, and it shows. 

We've been designing and implementing Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) solutions since 2002. It's a highly reliable delivery system that has increased as the industry trend for years. We believe eVideon is the most reliable Interactive Patient Television solution available, and our track record reflects it. 

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

Unreliable TV is a thing of the past, eVideon has maintained 99.99% uptime across thousands of installations for over a decade.

Healthcare Grade Security

eVideon is designed to be secure and HIPPA compliant and has passed DIACAP standards at several Department of Defense Hospitals

We're your IPTV experts

eVideon is designed with multiple redundancies and fail-safe mechanisms in place. If a server is down for maintenance, our smart eVideon client device can still provide HD TV service to every patient and every TV. Our resilient solution is designed for 24x7x365 delivery of quality service for your patients.

Next Generation Technology

eVideon has been using Internet Protocols (IP) for delivery of TV (IPTV) and interactive TV solutions since 2002. You won’t find an Interactive Patient Experience Platform provider with more IPTV experience than the eVideon team. eVideon was designed and built with IPTV at its core. Traditional TV systems use legacy coax cabling RF distribution to broadcast TV and other video content. The drawbacks to this approach include separate cable plants (RF and Ethernet), high costs, challenges to scale and signal quality issues.

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