Interactive Learning

Post-video assessments confirm a patient’s understanding of materials

A review that examined the effectiveness of videos in modifying health behaviors found videos better facilitate change in behavior over written instructions. Patient-specific education videos and interactive learning can help patients and their families gain a better understanding of their condition, treatment and medications.

The time clinical staff spends on education with their patients can be focused on the patient. Clinicians can address the patient's concerns and questions about their hospital experience and lifestyle changes they will face after discharge, helping to empower the patient to take charge of their health and be compliant while at home.

After the patient takes a post-educational assessment about the material, the nurse can quickly uncover potential causes for readmissions and opportunities to reinforce learning with the patient before discharge. Assessments confirm a patient’s understanding of the materials and reinforce the main points of their care. 

eVideon also involves caregivers and families in the process, so they are better prepared to ask questions when they meet with the doctor.

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