Grand Rapids, Mich., June 3, 2020 – eVideon, a leader in interactive patient engagement and digital workflow solutions, today announced the initial release of HELLO (Health, Engagement, Learning, Loved Ones), a new video “visitor” solution. eVideon designed the product specifically for healthcare in response to market demand for an easy way to allow hospitalized patients to visit with loved ones virtually, without burdening nurses with IT challenges. Unlike other video chat solutions like Zoom or Skype, the solution requires no downloads, accounts, or logins for patients or visitors and meets privacy and HIPAA requirements. HELLO visits use each hospital’s logo, colors and imagery to promote brand recognition and loyalty. The solution can be deployed in just 24 hours and provides an alternative solution for visitation at a pivotal time as hospitals have been forced to institute restrictive policies in response to COVID-19. Driven by the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic, eVideon is offering the solution to hospitals nationwide.

Isolation has been an unfortunate side effect of the virus, limiting a patient’s ability to connect with loved ones – a critical aspect of patient experience. The virtual visit solution provides contact-free interaction, enabling patients to connect with friends, family and other virtual visitors, including remote caregivers. Virtual consultations with specialists using the multi-way video call capabilities reduce the need for, and use of, PPE and lets family members virtually participate as appropriate.

“We are pleased to bring to market this virtual visit solution as part of our COVID-19 rapid response effort to provide our customers with meaningful support during this uncertain and unprecedented time,” said Jeff Fallon, CEO, eVideon. “This cutting-edge patient engagement technology reduces the risk of potential contamination through physical interaction and lets patients connect with loved ones virtually.”

HELLO’s user-friendly, cloud-based interface can run on any device or operating system. The intuitive technology allows users to access HELLO’s one-on-one or group-video chat settings using a hospital device or patient’s personal devices with the scan of a QR code or by visiting a personalized website. HELLO is currently completing testing at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital (ZSFG), and is now available to hospitals nationwide through an early adopter program

“Given the current circumstances, we are challenged with balancing safety with the need for patients to see their loved ones. Social interactions are key to well-being and healing,” said Aiyana Johnson, Chief Experience Officer at ZSFG. “We feel a great sense of relief having access to this virtual solution, especially because it doesn’t require downloads and account setups. This aspect has made it much easier for patients to use, giving them much needed comfort, reduced stress, and better morale. We’re so grateful to be able to give it to patients and to be part of product testing.”

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