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eVideon™ Receives Patent-Pending Status for VistA/CPRS Integrations Deliver a customized experience for each patient Boost Profitability

eVideon™ Receives Patent-Pending Status for VistA/CPRS Integrations

eVideon is the first interactive patient care system to achieve two-way integration with VistA & CPRS.Read More

Deliver a customized experience for each patient

Provide a first-rate experience for each patient tailored to their age, language, preferences, condition and healthcare team. Patient Benefits

Ensure your patients' takeaway is more than just a clean bill of health.

eVideon is linked with higher HCAHPS scores and, in turn, increased Medicare funding. Increase Your Patients' Satisfaction

Increase Patient Satisfaction
Increase Patient Satisfaction

eVideon has proven there is something you can do right now to make your patients' visit more positive and enjoyable.

Benefits for Administrators

Improve Patient Care
Improve Patient Care

eVideon helps you give patients the knowledge and independence they need to fully engage in treatment and recovery.

Better Care for Your Patients

Create Greater Efficiencies
Create Greater Efficiencies

eVideon automates routine tasks so your professional staff can focus their efforts on delivering the best personalized care.

Benefits for Your Staff
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