Originally published at computrition.com

November 15, 2018 – Los Angeles, CA – Computrition’s portfolio of interoperable partners continues to expand with the latest partnership involving eVideon. This integration will provide healthcare foodservice operators with a prominent option for patient engagement technology essential for hospitals with meal ordering initiatives.

Essentially, as menu items are transferred from Computrition’s Nutrition Care Management (NCM) system by way of our TouchPoint Dining module, patients can view and order meals directly from the eVideon interactive bedside television system, touchscreen swingarm displays or patient tablets. One of the most significant advantages of this partnership is the customization of menu items according to the patient’s specific diet, preventing restricted meals from being displayed on the in-room TV.

In response to these growing number of partnerships, Computrition’s Product Manager Mary George stated, "Integrating patient engagement technology in foodservice operations will help hospitals to concurrently ensure food safety while still giving patients and their families the control to select their meals, all of which serves to personalize the patient experience and positively impact satisfaction scores."

"Both eVideon and Computrition are at the forefront of modernizing healthcare," stated Jeff Ingle, Founder and President of eVideon, when asked about the reasons for partnering with Computrition, "Working together, integrating our strengths, not only brings more value to clients, it advances the goal of providing the best patient experience possible."

Ultimately, integrated technologies that support self-ordering not only improve staff productivity by redirecting their efforts towards other patient-centered responsibilities, but also diminish food waste because meals are ordered according to the patient’s preferences and desired times.

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