Grand Rapids, MI – February 10, 2020 - eVideon announced today that they will be showcasing their new patient Smart Room concept at HIMSS20. eVideon has provided interactive patient TV solutions for more than 12 years, but the new patient Smart Room concept will provide new features and technology. The newest feature will be patients’ ability to use their own devices to interact with the system by scanning a QR code to turn their smartphones into eVideon controllers. This feature complements the other Smart Room features:

  • A Companion Tablet mounted on an articulating arm at the bedside (This allows the devices to stay continuously charged/powered and prevents them from getting lost or dropped.)
  • A Digital Whiteboard that replaces the traditional patient dry erase board, fully integrated with the EHR for real-time data (This can be either embedded within the Companion Tablet or a separate display on the wall.)
  • A Digital Patient Door Display outside the patient room that shows patient precautions (NPO, fall risk, etc.), outstanding service requests, etc.

eVideon CTO Scott King is proud of the development work that has gone into the Smart Room concept. “We know that the time is now for patients to be able to use their own devices - the phones they always have and are used to using. It’s a great feature to add to the rest of the Smart Room. It only makes good sense to bring all the valuable information in the patient’s EHR to the walls of the room - transforming the patient’s experience into a smoother, more up-to-date environment that truly supports the patient through their healthcare journey,” he said.

HIMSS20 attendees will be able to see the patient Smart Room in action at HIMSS20 at booth #1479. Visitors will be able to use their own phones to experience the technology first-hand. eVideon will also be hosting a happy hour event. Attendees can enjoy light snacks, drinks, and demonstrations of eVideon's new Smart Room Concept. Read more here.

To book a tour of the patient Smart Room at HIMSS20, click here.

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eVideon provides patient experience and engagement solutions for hospitals via a suite of bedside touchscreens, interactive patient HD TV, digital signage, and other interactive displays. Patients enjoy the convenience of self-service at the bedside with access to entertainment, education, hospital services, and more while staff enjoy streamlined, paperless workflows. Interactive surveys and patient feedback help patients communicate needs and help hospitals respond to those needs quickly. The platform leverages integrations with the EHR and other hospital systems to provide a streamlined, digital experience. Data analytics provide valuable insights into patient behaviors and pain points, letting hospitals improve service and outcomes. Learn more at

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