Grand Rapids, MI – February 25, 2020 - eVideon announced today that two VA hospitals in California - the VA Central California Health Care System and the VA Long Beach Healthcare System - have selected their Patient Experience (PX) Platform for deployment in 2020. This expands upon eVideon’s existing footprint in VA hospitals as one of few vendors available to VA partners. Partners have benefited from increased SAIL scores following implementation: 

The Southeastern Louisiana Veterans Health Care System increased Care Transition scores by 7%, Patient Satisfaction Scores by 3%, and Overall Hospital Rating by 4.1 percent. 

The Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center increased scores for overall hospital rating by 11.1% and care transition by 7.7%.

The Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center increased scores for Veterans reporting they strongly agree” they understood their care when they left their hospital. This is the highest in the nation by 15% for VA hospitals and by 3% for non-VA hospitals.

eVideon’s solutions offer education, relaxation content, and entertainment, along with the ability for Veterans to use voice control, sip-and-puff, or eye tracking technology to control the system. “It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to give back to Veterans in this way, providing them with an exceptional experience and the ability to interact with the system in multiple ways, particularly in spinal cord injury units or other units where traditional manual controls aren’t an option,” said Jeff Ingle, eVideon’s founder and president. “We’re also excited to grow our footprint, both in the government sector and geographically in California.”

In the wake of #HIMSS20 being cancelled, eVideon will be hosting a suite of "Virtual Conference" product demonstrations and educational sessions - click here to learn more and register.

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eVideon provides patient experience and engagement solutions for hospitals via a suite of bedside touchscreens, interactive patient HD TV, digital signage, and other interactive displays. Patients enjoy the convenience of self-service at the bedside with access to entertainment, education, hospital services, and more while staff enjoy streamlined, paperless workflows. Interactive surveys and patient feedback help patients communicate needs and help hospitals respond to those needs quickly. The platform leverages integrations with the EHR and other hospital systems to provide a streamlined, digital experience. Data analytics provide valuable insights into patient behaviors and pain points, letting hospitals improve service and outcomes. Learn more at

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