Grand Rapids, MI (May 16, 2016) — eVideon announces that it is partnering with Milner-Fenwick to provide patient education videos as part of its Interactive Patience Experience Platform in hospitals throughout the country.

 “Our partnership with Milner-Fenwick enables us to enrich and expand the patient education opportunities within the hospital,” said eVideon’s Customer Success Advocate, Kristi Floriana.

 eVideon provides patients with a personalized experience that engages, educates and entertains them during their stay. Patients have access to customized health education, television programming, movies on demand and hospital information on their in-room television or touch screen display.

With the addition of the Milner-Fenwick library to eVideon, healthcare providers can further customize health education for patients.

Milner-Fenwick offers a full content library on subjects such as heart failure and diabetes, with one of the most extensive wellness series. Their core product line, HealthClips® Essentials, averages 3-4 minutes. It is designed for patients and ideal for those with limited attention spans.

“What makes our videos different is their unique patient centered orientation for where they are in the care continuum. Self-care strategies help engage both the patients and their families,” said Milner-Fenwick’s Marketing Director, Karen Meyer.

Patient education is an important part of patient satisfaction. A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons shows that patients who did not feel prepared for discharge report lower levels patient satisfaction. The study found that only 62 percent of the patients who didn’t feel ready for discharge said their healthcare experience was satisfactory. This can also impact a hospital’s HCHAPS scores.*

“When patients have an opportunity to start the education process on their own with videos or interactive lessons – especially for complex diagnoses such as heart disease or diabetes – they have the chance to think about what they’ve learned and prepare questions,” said Floriana.

For patients with literacy challenges, video presentations are retained better than handouts. Videos are also available in multiple languages and produced with cultural consideration. 

About Milner-Fenwick

Milner-Fenwick is a leading publisher of patient education videos. Its mission is to inform and guide patients toward better health through multimedia education. The Milner-Fenwick HealthClips®  video library contains more than 1000 health-related video programs—from fifteen-minute programs designed for in-facility viewing to three-minute programs designed for web and mobile delivery to multi-hour DVDs for patient home reference. Used extensively by hospitals, physicians’ offices, health insurance and disease management companies, and public health agencies, Milner-Fenwick videos are not advertiser-supported to ensure unbiased content and products. Video content is often developed in collaboration with leading medical associations and other experts, and follows nationally accepted clinical care guidelines. Learn more at

About eVideon

eVideon provides hospitals with interactive patient care solutions that engage, educate and entertain patients and visitors, while streamlining workflows for staff. eVideon’s Patient Experience Platform integrates with a variety of EMR systems and hospital applications to extend the hospital’s toolkit of technology investments and deliver bidirectional patient communications, food service and personalized education videos and surveys. Patients enjoy HD TV programming, video on demand and hospital information at any location on televisions, computers and touch screen displays. With installations ranging from large integrated delivery systems to small outpatient clinics, healthcare organizations experience improved patient satisfaction, engagement and outcomes. Learn more at