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As a result of using eVideon, healthcare organizations experience more time to dedicate toward patient care, and they are reporting an immediate improvement in patient satisfaction. 

Personalized, Interactive & Responsive

The interface gives patients access to features within their eVideon experience. This can be customized by hospital, floor or unit – or by patient demographics, such as age or condition. Seniors can select a view with larger fonts and bigger buttons with access to Medicare. Children and their parents view bright colors and engaging graphics as well as a pediatric health library.

Service Requests

Non-clinical patient service requests, such as emptying the trash or requesting a chaplain visit, can be completed through eVideon and sent directly to the appropriate staff member. This can            significantly streamline workflows, allowing for more efficient staffing.

Non-Medical Services

Non-medical service requests like “I need a blanket” are routed directly to the appropriate staff members, creating more time for patient care. This reduces patient wait times and increases staff efficiencies.

Immediate Patient Input

Interactive surveys alert staff if a patient has a housekeeping request. Hospitals may have areas where the temperature varies; surveys can let staff know when patients need room temperature adjustments, so they can rest comfortably.

Identify Sources of Noise

The HCAHPS question, “During this hospital stay, how often was the area around your room quiet at night?” Is one of the lowest ranking HCAHPS questions. Patient survey results can uncover the times of day that are noisy or squeaky carts that need replacing.

Discharge Planning

eVideon workflows start preparing your patients and their family for discharge from the first day of their admission. Patients and their families will learn what is expected of them on discharge, which helps prevent the confusion or anxiety that can come with returning home after a hospital stay.

Patients and their families can prepare and ask questions about topics on their Discharge Readiness Questionnaire, which allows the clinical team to spend time with the patient that’s more personal and address their concerns. This preparation helps the patient be more compliant with their post-hospital care and results in better outcomes.

Automate Meal Ordering

By integrating your nutrition services software into eVideon, your hospital reduces staff needs while increasing accuracy and timeliness. Patients and families can order meals, snacks and guest trays right from their bed. If a patient is on a restricted diet before surgery, their food choices will be filtered so they don’t see the menu items that aren’t a part of their diet. Automating meal ordering also allows your hospital to reduce printing costs and can help with infection prevention efforts.

Be Proactive with Interactive Surveys

Surveys are a leading indicator of patient satisfaction scores and provide a proactive means to improve a patient’s experience during their stay. With our Care Team Application, clinical staff can access a patient's discharge progress and uncover potential causes for future readmissions. Your Leadership Rounding initiatives can use the data collected from the interactive surveys to easily identify areas where nurses and team leaders need support, so improvements can be implemented.

Send Instant Messages

Instant messages facilitate efficient and fast communication; patients send messages to clinical staff and receive a response on their screen. Patients become actively engaged in their care and aware of their progress while being reassured that their concerns will be addressed quickly.

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