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Increase Efficiency

At eVideon, we understand the pressure hospitals are under to cut costs and improve the bottom line. Through streamlining workflows and integrations with other hospital systems, such as EHR and food service, eVideon helps hospitals create efficiencies and reduce operational costs.

eVideon communicates directly with EHRs like Epic. This is one way we super-charge clinical workflows, automating patient education assignments through EMR/EHR triggers, and documenting patient progress directly into the patient medical record without additional steps for nurses.

Streamline Services

eVideon sends service requests directly to the appropriate staff members, reducing the non-medical need for patients to call their nurse. eVideon allows patients to request a chaplain visit, housekeeping, order meals, and find hospital information like cafeteria hours and menus.

By integrating your nutrition services software into eVideon, your hospital can reduce staff needs while increasing accuracy and timeliness. Patients and families can order meals, snacks and guest trays right from their bed.

Decrease Length of Stay

Patients need rest to heal, so they can return home. But beeping alarms, carts and other hospital noises can affect a patient’s sleep. eVideon helps decrease length of stay with relaxation amenities like Sleep Aid, which helps mask normal hospital sounds. Patients see a “night-light” screen and choose from sounds, such as static (brown noise), fan, waves or a forest. 

Sleep-deprived patients also may not be able to fully participate in their care. This can impact a patient’s recovery and readmittance rates. eVideon prepares patients for discharge with age-appropriate multilanguage, educational videos and interactive learning.

Increase Revenue with First Fill Prescriptions 

National studies have uncovered that 20 percent of prescriptions are going unfilled. When they are filled, only 50 percent of medications will be taken as the doctor prescribes, which can lead to readmissions and increased costs. First Fill prescription allows patients to fill their prescription before discharge. This increases medication adherence for the patient and revenue opportunities for the hospital. 

Increase Medicare Reimbursement

Hospitals with eVideon typically experience higher patient satisfaction scores and lower rates of readmission, which has a big impact on HCAHPS scores and Medicare reimbursements.

Benefits & Advantages

No Dedicated FTE Required

eVideon doesn’t require a dedicated employee, even part-time, to manage and maintain the system at your facility. In fact, our clients love telling us that eVideon has been an economical system to implement, expand, support and maintain over the product’s lifecycle.

Energy Efficient

A hospital can save over $26,000 a year in energy costs alone with eVideon’s low power requirements compared to other systems. The eVideon Patient Experience Platform is great for your bottom line and the environment. *

*Based on a 500 bed hospital and a national average of $.11/kWh

Low Maintenance

eVideon is designed with multiple redundancies and fail-safe mechanisms in place. Our resilient solution is designed for 24x7x365 delivery of quality service for your patients.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

When integrated with your facilities HVAC systems, eVideon automatically adjusts the temperature and lighting in vacant patient rooms. Since eVideon has a small footprint and minimal power requirements, the result is reduced utility bills and lowered costs. eVideon requires minimal electricity and offers best-in-class energy efficiency.

IPTV over Coax

Traditional TV systems use legacy coax cabling RF distribution to broadcast TV and other video content. Some drawbacks of the approach include separate cable plants (RF and Ethernet) and high costs. eVideon delivers HD television over an Ethernet network. Live channels, video on demand, educational media and a rich user interface are delivered seamlessly to televisions, computers and touch displays.

Works with existing IP

Since eVideon’s solution uses equipment and services that are common knowledge to hospital IT staff, it’s a scalable system that's easy to deploy and maintain. Adding a TV location in one building is just as easy as adding a TV in another. Every TV and every site in a health system is managed through one central web based application, making it efficient and cost effective.

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