"The Dish on Health IT" – Value of Integrating and Automating In-Hospital Room Technology

Ken Kleinberg, Innovation lead at Point of Care Partners (POCP) sits down with Scott King, Chief Technology Officer at Vibe Health, by eVideon and co-host, Pooja Babbrah, POCP’s Pharmacy & PBM Lead.

This episode explores use cases for integrating hospital in-room technology with the EHR and other systems to keep the patient and their families informed as well as support provider staff. The discussion also covers the role of APIs, FHIR or not, and the interoperability landscape from policy to standards.

Scott describes the Vibe Health platform as an interactive patient experience platform that is deployed in and around the hospital room. He explains that over the last several years it’s also become a staff experience platform. Scott described that platform as running on multiple devices in the room like the smart television, digital whiteboards, companion bedside tablets, and digital signage outside the room. The idea is to put the right information and controls in the right place at the right time.

Scott delved into the staff experience component of the platform by giving an example of the whiteboard in most patient rooms. Many times, the nurses are expected to keep the information on the whiteboard up to date, but when it’s digitized and the information can be taken directly from the patient record and displayed, the nurse’s time is freed up to focus on more important duties.

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