Hospital Smart Rooms Leverage RTLS Data to Identify Workers

As doctors and nurses enter the technology-rich patient rooms at OhioHealth, their information will be displayed on a TV monitor to help patients understand who comes and goes from their bedside.


OhioHealth is adopting smart-room technology at its new Pickerington Methodist Hospital, designed to make hospitalization more comfortable for patients and their family members, while improving the work experience for those who treat them. The solution, provided by eVideon, integrates with real-time location system (RTLS) solutions, as well as other technologies, to provide entertainment and education, in addition to more personalized service for patients. In part, that is accomplished by identifying healthcare workers as they enter a patient room, then by sharing information about them for those in the room on an interactive display.

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  • OhioHealth has developed a smart room that will be deployed at its new hospital, which uses RTLS technology to identify staff members and display that information as they enter patient rooms.
  • The system, which includes interactive screens and digital signage, is designed to improve patient comfort and make work more efficient for personnel.