Originally published Feb. 19, 2019 at MaryFreeBed.com

Grand Rapids, Mich.Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital is partnering with technology company eVideon to improve patient experience. The 167-inpatient bed rehabilitation hospital uses the eVideon PX platform to entertain, engage and educate patients during acute rehabilitation stays.

The technology provides patients, families and visitors with live TV, movies on demand and relaxation videos. Patients can engage with personalized content about their rehabilitation through education videos prescribed by their care team.

“There can be a lot of paperwork for the patient,” said Mary Free Bed registered nurse Rachel Powers. “The education component of eVideon is a helpful reinforcement of what’s already being shared with the patient and family.”

A recent addition for Mary Free Bed is eVideon’s Patient Schedules Module for the eVideon PX platform. This enables staff to create a timeline of patient-specific appointments directly displayed on each patient’s TV in his or her private room. Patients and families also have the option to view future and past schedules.

Hospitals use eVideon solutions across the United States, including Veterans Health Administration hospitals in Denver, New Orleans and Ann Arbor. Tens of thousands of patients use the eVideon platform every year.

“eVideon screens are updated every minute, and it’s helped to improve staff efficiency,” said Michelle Blystone, an occupational therapist at Mary Free Bed.

Future collaborations will allow Mary Free Bed patients to share feedback through electronic surveys via the PX platform for hospital staff to gauge patient satisfaction and readiness for discharge.

“When working with our partners, we are there to listen and collaborate on their great ideas,” said Scott King, chief technical officer at eVideon. “We’ve built our platform to expand and do that. Nearly all of our development and growth has been from input of our partners.”

About Mary Free Bed

Mary Free Bed is a not-for-profit, nationally accredited, rehabilitation hospital in Grand Rapids, Mich. Since 1891, Mary Free Bed has restored hope and freedom through rehabilitation for children and adults who have experienced brain injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries, multiple traumas, amputations, cancer and other diagnoses. The combination of more than 110 specialized medical and sports rehabilitation programs and an exclusive focus on rehabilitation enables our specialty physicians and staff to help patients achieve outstanding clinical results. For additional information, visit maryfreebed.com.

About eVideon

To fulfill our mission of “Transforming PX!,” eVideon partners with hospitals and other health care providers to provide the latest in interactive Patient Experience (PX) technology and education. With a focus on partner-driven innovation, eVideon designs custom systems that engage, educate and entertain patients and visitors, while simultaneously providing powerful data gathering and analytics tools that enhance, rather than replace, current workflows. eVideon’s PX Platform integrates with a variety of software systems and hospital applications to centralize and deliver interactive patient communications, personalized patient education, real-time surveys, food service and more. For additional information, visit eVideon.com.