A Teaching Moment That Transformed a Titan of Healthcare Tech

“Nobody trains to be a patient,” says Scott King, Chief Technology Officer, eVideon. “And what they do learn, they quickly forget after treatment is complete.”

eVideon is founded on the premise that informed patients are more active participants in their care plan, which can have a positive impact on the operations of a hospital. By doing so, eVideon strives to make the patient experience more comfortable, treatments more effective and hospital operations more efficient.

“It’s like any other human interaction — if you provide people with correct information and access to the appropriate communications channels, you can significantly improve information-sharing which improves operational intelligence and yields better experiences,” King says.

The eVideon team appreciates the importance and impact of learning. The company was founded in 1993 by an educator with a vision to capitalize on then-emerging IT technologies to advance digital learning in K-12 and Higher Education applications. The company did well with on-demand and streaming solutions for an extensive array of clients in the educational space but was approached in 2005 by a healthcare provider seeking to build a new hospital and outfit it with a converged network IPTV solution. The hospital was looking for a new, from the ground-up approach that could deliver important clinical, operational and entertainment content to the right audiences at the right time.

“They realized that a smarter building could result in a smarter enterprise, smoother operations and better experiences,” King explains. “But they also knew what they were doing at the time was ground-breaking and would need the input and direction of diverse stakeholders.”

King and his team met with architects at the design stage, with builders at the construction phase, and with hospital staffers including clinical, biomed, IT, informatics, marketing and at every phase of the development. They sought to know and understand the challenges, compliance issues and use cases for IPTV in a host of environments within the hospital. A holistic approach was required; one in which every detail of the experience was examined and addressed.

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