Valley Health System aims to transform care delivery with new tech-intensive hospital

A broad RTLS deployment, new augmented intelligence systems and 75-inch footwall monitors powered by Vibe Health by eVideon to enhance patient experience are just some of the innovations the New Jersey hospital hopes will satisfy patients, providers and staff.

"The 75-inch footwall monitor, a central focal point of the patient experience, will display clinical information, educational content, care details and entertainment options, and allow physicians to share diagnostic images," said Eric Carey, vice president and CIO at Valley Health System. "This serves to keep patients informed and entertained, reducing stress during the recovery process.

"The footwall will also leverage real-time location system (RTLS) badges worn by care providers, triggering the display of entering personnel's images and roles," he continued. "This aids patients in recalling interactions, addressing common queries about the presence of specific staff members and enhancing overall patient experience."

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