Why Tampa General placed its bets on smart room technology

The organization is looking for ways to address clinician burnout and enhance patient experience through digital transformation.

by Amit Patel, BSN, MSN, Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, Tampa General Hospital & Jeff Fallon, Chairman & CEO, Vibe Health by eVideon

Tampa General Hospital (TGH), a world leader in comprehensive care for more than 4 million patients in west central Florida, is accelerating innovation to improve the lives of patients as well as their employees. To pursue its vision for patient safety, TGH has made its investment in smart room technology a priority.

To date, TGH has implemented this technology across more than 1,000 hospital beds, which includes integration with their electronic medical records system as well as patient education and real-time location services. Amit Patel, TGH’s CNIO and senior director of Informatics, and Jeff Fallon, chairman and CEO of eVideon, recently discussed considerations leaders need to know to accelerate digital transformation.

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