3 Key Considerations for Gauging the Success of Digital Patient Rooms

Evaluating technological advancement in healthcare requires clear objectives, flexibility, and a commitment to advancing patient care.

by Jeff Fallon, Chairman & CEO, Vibe Health by eVideon

As someone who’s been in the business of healthcare for more than 30 years, there’s little that surprises me these days. I have seen technology evolve to include CPOE, electronic medical records and now, applications that enable virtual care and online scheduling for patients.

Within facilities, old-school “grease boards” have been replaced by whiteboards integrated with EMRs, changing the way healthcare information is communicated – making real-time, mission-critical information more accessible to all members of the care team, as well as patients and families, obviating the need for workstations or computers on wheels.

But like any potential purchase of new technology, the question of “value” persists. It's important to me that the technology our company develops has a positive impact not only on the lives of patients but also those who care for them. We work with hospitals and health systems to identify specific issues or pain points, which informs the development of strategic solutions.

While the results will and should vary among for technology solutions, the approaches for measuring the value on investment (VOI) is the same. Here are three considerations for measuring the success of digital patient rooms: Read the full article in Health Data Management >