eVideon announces the creation of a committee of industry leaders that will influence the company’s innovation agenda and healthcare technology advancements.

GRAND RAPIDS, MI. – February 12, 2019 – eVideon, a leader in providing interactive patient experience (PX) technology to healthcare providers, announced today the launch of its new Advisory Board, a strategic committee of executive-level industry thought-leaders who will serve as trusted advisors to eVideon on strategy and product innovation.

eVideon welcomes five new members to the board and plans on expanding in the future. The goal is a representational balance of current clients and outside individuals with a variety of experience related to patient engagement, clinical education, and healthcare operations.

eVideon’s Chief Technology Officer, Scott King, explains that the Advisory Board will have the full support of management to determine their direction.

“Our Advisory Board will act as an independent sounding board for ideas, strategies, and tactical plans. We want to establish an open forum for candid discussion between the eVideon management team, our partners and experts in the field of provider-based care.”


The objective of the eVideon Advisory Board is to assemble a group of individuals with deep expertise in areas related to the company’s focus industry, including but not limited to:  

  • Evolving standards and new developments in patient experience and engagement  
  • Market and customer insights; including the needs and demands of today’s provider leaders
  • eVideon’s critical space of Interactive Patient Care.

The 2019 eVideon Advisory Board members 

Samir Batra, Chairman Advisory Board, Founder & CEO of BAHA Enterprises

Trish Weber, MBA, MHA, RN, FACHE, CNO & VP of Operations at Franciscan Health

Aiyana Johnson, MSW, MPH, Chief Care Experience Officer at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital

Donald Day DNP, MSNL, RN, Senior Director of Nursing Operations at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Andy Figallo, Strategic Growth Leader & Patient Engagement Technology Specialist

Partner-Driven Innovation

“eVideon has always had a partner-driven innovation strategy, so involving partners and other experts in a more formal structure is the logical next step for the company,” states Samir Batra, Chairman of the new Advisory Board. “Not only will this group provide invaluable guidance to the company through their market insights and industry connections, they will also be sharing their expertise with the greater eVideon community through educational publications, webinars, and by providing direction to the larger industry regarding the evolving world of innovative solutions that drive the engagement and experience of patients.”

About eVideon

To fulfill our mission to “Transform Patient Experience,” eVideon partners with hospitals and other healthcare providers to provide the latest in interactive Patient Experience (PX) technology and education.

With a focus on Partner-Driven Innovation, eVideon designs custom systems that engage, educate and entertain patients and visitors, while simultaneously providing powerful data gathering and analytics tools that enhance, rather than replace, current workflows.

eVideon’s PX Platform integrates with a variety of software systems and hospital applications to centralize and deliver interactive patient communications, personalized patient education, real-time surveys, food service and more, through TV's and devices.