Grand Rapids, MI (October 31, 2016) — eVideon ( announces it has completed the second installation of its Patient Experience Platform at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mary Free Bed recently celebrated the completion of the second phase of its $66.4 million renovation and expansion with a grand reopening of the hospital. The expansion gives Mary Free Bed a total of 167 beds, making it the fifth-largest independent rehabilitation hospital in the United States. Prior to the expansion, it was the 39th largest in the United States.

The addition, which is six stories, was named in honor of the work of Barbara Hoffius and Bernedine Keller, who both served as president for the Mary Free Bed Guild during the 70s. A news release from Mary Free Bed states, “The transformative project creates a healing environment for patients, families and staff that marks a new era in rehabilitation care.”

eVideon’s interactive patient experience platform provides entertainment, comfort and relaxation for patients while streamlining workflows for hospital staff. The system complements Mary Free Bed’s expansion, which includes the addition of state-of-the-art technology.

“Mary Free Bed is committed to improving the patient experience through innovative technology and design, and we are excited to be a part of their transformation and expansion,” said Jeff Ingle, founder and president of eVideon.

eVideon’s software is integrated over televisions throughout the hospital including patient rooms, exam rooms, lobbies, staff areas and waiting rooms. Along with HD television channels, patients, families and visitors can also enjoy Hollywood movies that were selected for the hospital.

  • A flat screen with the largest eVideon display to date at 19’x12’ was installed in the lobby.
  • eVideon has been added to the third floor, which includes a secure Pediatric Inpatient Unit with 11 private rooms. With age-appropriate social meeting spaces, a procedure room and treatment rooms, the Pediatric Unit also features spaces for occupational, physical, recreational and speech therapy.

In addition to entertainment options, eVideon automates routine compliance tasks; patients can view information on patient rights and responsibilities, which allows clinical staff to focus their efforts on patient care. The platform provides patients with a personalized experience and delivers information on upcoming events and available services.

eVideon developed the first interactive patient care system distributed over the facilities data network to deliver entertainment and a variety of interactive applications that enables patients to become more actively engaged in their care.

About eVideon

eVideon provides hospitals with interactive patient care solutions that engage, educate and entertain patients and visitors, while streamlining workflows for staff. eVideon’s Patient Experience Platform integrates with a variety of EMR systems and hospital applications to extend the hospital’s toolkit of technology investments and deliver bidirectional patient communications, food service and personalized education videos and surveys. Patients enjoy HD TV programming, video on demand and hospital information at any location on televisions, computers and touch screen displays. With installations ranging from large integrated delivery systems to small outpatient clinics, healthcare organizations experience improved patient satisfaction, engagement and outcomes. Learn more at