eVideon and SpellBound AR Unite to Transform Hospital Stay with Innovative AR Gaming Integration

Vibe Health and SpellBound AR revolutionize patient care, offering comfort and distraction therapy through first-to-market gaming experiences

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.— Feb. 27, 2024 — Vibe Health by eVideon, the leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions, announced a new partnership with SpellBound AR, a provider of augmented reality (AR) tools designed to enhance the hospital experience as well as patients’ pain and anxiety management.

The collaboration introduces the Vibe ARcade™ as an exclusive feature of the Vibe Health Engage TV platform, providing patients and families with direct access to Spellbound’s unique selection of immersive AR games. Patients can simply scan a QR code displayed on the Engage TV interface using their personal device to access the Vibe ARcade™ app, which offers interactive games such as basketball, baseball, painting, and more. This integration enhances the overall care experience by providing distraction therapy, as well as entertainment throughout the patient’s stay.

Enhancing Patient Experience Through Distraction Therapy:

  • Unlike standard mobile games, SpellBound's tools bring characters and scenes to life in 3D, accompanied by animations, music and sounds, creating a highly immersive and therapeutic experience.
  • Distraction therapy has been shown to significantly reduce anxiety levels, particularly in pediatric patients, enhancing their overall hospital experience.
  • Vibe Health by eVideon's integration of immersive games aims to create a more positive and enjoyable environment for patients undergoing medical treatment.

As the first patient-facing augmented reality solution in healthcare, SpellBound’s CEO Christina York says, “We’re leading technology innovation in hospitals under our mission of improving patient engagement and the patient experience. eVideon is at the forefront of that innovation thinking and we are proud to partner with them to help positively engage patients throughout their healthcare journey.” 

Unlike traditional hospital games limited to remote controls, Vibe ARcade™ offers patients the freedom to engage in immersive game play on their personal devices while receiving care. This initiative underscores eVideon's commitment to improving the patient experience by providing creative solutions that enhance comfort and engagement.

"At eVideon, we are dedicated to constantly improving the patient experience through new technologies and our partnership with SpellBound AR is another milestone in this journey,” said Chairman & CEO of eVideon, Jeff Fallon. “As the first smart room platform to provide this type of direct access to immersive games, Vibe Health is enhancing patient comfort and demonstrating our commitment to delivering holistic care solutions that prioritize the well-being of every individual we serve.”

Vibe Health Engage TV transforms the in-room TV into a central communication hub for patients and care teams. Through integration with the EMR and other installed systems, Engage TV, along with other platform components such as Insight digital whiteboard, Aware digital door sign, and Companion bedside tablet, serve to streamline communication, increase clinical efficiency, and elevate the care experience for patients, families, and the care team.

Representatives from Vibe Health will be available at booth V-1244 in Los Angeles, February 25 to 28, during ViVE. We invite you to connect with us and learn more about our partnership.

About eVideon

eVideon is the leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions. Our Vibe Health smart room platform automates clinical workflow, enhances communication, and transforms the care environment into a highly personalized and interactive experience with our in-room Smart TV, digital whiteboard, digital door sign, and bedside tablet solutions. The platform integrates with the hospital's EMR and other installed technologies to ensure accurate, real-time information is always accessible to patients, families, and the care team. Using automation, Vibe Health creates clinical efficiency by relieving nurses of nonclinical responsibilities and enabling clinicians to spend more time at the bedside. We are reimagining the human experience in healthcare by delivering the digital patient room of the future today. Learn more >

About SpellBound AR 

SpellBound, as the first ever patient-facing augmented reality system, is the premiere solution for more effectively engaging patients throughout their healthcare journey for improved outcomes and experience. Our AR platform delivers gamified solutions that reduce anxiety, increase mobility, assist with pain management, and improve patient education, all while creating moments of joy. SpellBound augments the human aspect of hospital care, providing tools that facilitate communication with care teams while empowering patients in their recovery journey. Learn more >