eVideon and Coro Health Partner to Enhance Patient Care with Therapeutic Music and Spiritual Support

eVideon prioritizes wellness and whole-person care by increasing access to therapeutic services for patients and families.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.— June 4, 2024 — Vibe Health by eVideon, the leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions, announces a strategic partnership with Coro Health, a provider of clinically proven music and spiritual streaming services. This collaboration will integrate Coro Health’s comprehensive suite of therapeutic solutions into eVideon’s Vibe Health Engage TV, enhancing the hospital experience through distraction therapy and holistic wellness.

Hospitals can be challenging environments for patients physically, mentally, and spiritually. Music and spiritual services can alleviate stress and provide comfort to both patients and their families during these difficult times. Through this strategic partnership, patients and their loved ones will be able to conveniently access Coro Health’s MusicFirst and FaithFirst programs directly through the Vibe Health Engage TV interface at the footwall.

Enhancing the Experience of Patients of All Ages Through Distraction Therapy:

  • Music Therapy and Dementia: Research indicates that music therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with dementia, reducing agitation and enhancing overall well-being.
  • Distraction Therapy Benefits: Studies show that distraction therapy can effectively reduce pain and distress in pediatric patients in emergency settings, demonstrating its broad applicability across different age groups.
“At eVideon, we proactively seek solutions to enhance the patient’s experience not just physically, but also emotionally and spiritually,” said CEO & Chairman of eVideon, Jeff Fallon. “Our partnership with Coro Health allows us to integrate therapeutic music and spiritual services, providing holistic care that addresses the full spectrum of patient needs.”

Coro Health’s Therapeutic Solutions:

  • MusicFirst: A music solution with a vast library spanning eight decades, designed to cater to both communal and individual preferences. The patented Music     Prescription Builder™ technology curates dynamic therapeutic music programs, enhancing dining, social events, activities, and personal needs within daily living. This includes a feature specifically designed to mitigate sundowning symptoms in dementia patients.
  • FaithFirst: A bespoke spiritual support service offering over 1,000 hours of content across seven faith traditions. It nurtures the spiritual well-being of individuals in healthcare settings with sermons, prayers, meditations, educational content, and sacred texts.
“We are excited to partner with eVideon to bring our therapeutic music and spiritual programs to hospital patients,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Coro Health, David Schofman. “This collaboration supports our mission to expand our creative and comforting solutions into the hospital room.”

About eVideon

eVideon is the leader in hospital smart room technology and digital workflow solutions. Our Vibe Health smart room platform automates clinical workflow, enhances communication, and transforms the care environment into a highly personalized and interactive experience with our in-room Smart TV, digital whiteboard, digital door sign, and bedside tablet solutions. The platform integrates with the hospital's EMR and other installed technologies to ensure accurate, real-time information is always accessible to patients, families, and the care team. Using automation, Vibe Health creates clinical efficiency by relieving nurses of nonclinical responsibilities and enabling clinicians to spend more time at the bedside. We are reimagining the human experience in healthcare by delivering the digital patient room of the future today. Learn more >

About CoroHealth

Established in 2009 with its headquarters in Austin, Texas, Coro Health has risen to become the leading provider of clinically proven music and faith streaming services tailored specifically for the healthcare sector. The company prides itself on offering a comprehensive, fully licensed, cloud-based streaming solution that is commercial-free and allows for unlimited usage across various healthcare demographics. For additional information about Coro Health and its offerings, please visit www.corohealth.com or view our introductory video at https://youtu.be/wV74vUDP9Ao.