Patient Smart Room

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Smart Room

Create a fully digital environment for patients and staff. eVideon’s Smart Room brings a touchscreen interface, bring your own device (BYOD) capability, digital whiteboard, and digital patient door signs to the hospital room. We do it to make interactions smooth, seamless, and most importantly - safe.

Companion Tablet

Adding a companion tablet adds additional features to our original PX Platform. The companion tablet is typically mounted to a patient engagement table, ensuring devices are always powered on. Mounting also ensures tablets aren’t dropped, lost, or broken. Screens can be easily wiped for infection control. 

Touchscreens let patients enjoy features like easy internet access and interaction, touchscreen games, and video chatting with friends and loved ones via webcam.

Patient owned mobile devices

Patients now have the power of eVideon in their pocket. A simple QR code lets them customize their experience (changing their preferred name, for example), answer questions from the care team, create and complete their own goals, and take assigned education home with them post-discharge to reference it any time they need it.

Digital Whiteboard

It’s time to retire dry erase boards and the quest for functional markers. Digital Whiteboard integrates with your EHR and the whole eVideon system to display real-time patient and care team information including patient schedules, care team profiles, room information, goals, and other useful items customized for each of our partners.

Digital Patient Door Display

Tablets mounted outside the door integrate with your EHR and the eVideon system to display real-time patient alerts and precautions. Ambient backlighting can be customized to glow various colors to indicate certain precautions or notices (NPO, fall risk, outstanding service request, patient due for repositioning, etc).

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