Patient Centered Care

Facilitating the delivery of care throughout the patient's journey.

Warm Welcome

eVideon helps facilitate the delivery of care throughout the patient’s journey. We put the pieces together, giving you the tools you need to strengthen your approach to patient-centered care and improve outcomes.

As patients arrive in their room, they are shown how the pillow speaker can be used to call the nurse and control the TV. As the patient turns on the TV, they’re greeted by name, “Good Morning, John.” Their room number and phone number appears on the screen, along with the hospital name and address.

Patients watch a short message from the CEO welcoming them to the hospital and assuring them that they are in the hands of a caring and highly trained staffPatients see other menu options like live TV, movies, patient education, information and games.

On Demand Education Tailored to Patient Needs

eVideon provides patients, caregivers and the clinical team access to a library of video learning material on demand that’s tailored to a patient’s preferences, age, condition and language. Education is also customizable by location – hospital, floor or unit. Nurses simply assign education through the hospital’s EHR. Video education is automatically tracked and documented, which helps nurses assess the patient's readiness to care for themselves.

Engaging Caregivers

Preparing patients and their families for discharge with personalized video education can help reduce readmissions. eVideon’s on demand patient education and interactive learning tools help clinicians educate and assess a patient prior to discharge, so opportunities for teach back can be identified. 

When caregivers and families are engaged in the process, they can reinforce patient education.

Patients may have lifestyle changes, multiple instructions for medications and home care. To make it easy and convenient, video education can be paused, rewound or fast-forwarded. eVideon tracks where the patient left off and the videos they have watched.

Order Meals and Snacks, Access Hospital Resources

When eVideon is integrated with the hospital’s food service, patients and families can order meals, snacks and guest trays right from their bed. The food experience is customizable, so patients can only select food that is an option for them. For example, a diabetic child will not be offered ice cream as a dessert choice.

Under Information, patients and their families learn about local resources like bus schedules, maps or find hospital information on cafeteria, chapel and visiting hours. Patients and caregivers also have access to community resources for ongoing support after they leave the hospital.

Send and Receive Messages 

eVideon actively engages patients in their care while reassuring them that their concerns will be quickly addressed. Patients send messages to clinical staff and receive a response on their screen in real time, reducing the use of the nurse call button. Patients are able to easily request services like a room temperature change or housekeeping on their own.

Fill Prescriptions before Discharge

First Fill prescription allows patients to fill their prescription before discharge through the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy. It’s convenient, and it gives patients the chance to ask the pharmacist questions. Hospitals are ensured that the first 30-days of medications are filled, increasing medication compliance and reducing readmissions.

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