What are the benefits of Ethernet and the Internet Protocol for an Interactive Patient TV System? In our view, anything less would miss the mark.

The reasons to prefer an Ethernet/IP solution are many, and we will try to hit the highlights here. Ethernet is the most widely deployed network technology in the

Coupled with TCP/IP, the protocol that built the Internet and is used for nearly all modern network communicaons, there is no more suitable delivery network for interactive applications.

eVideon™ Advantages

  • Built on network technologies that are mature, forward-thinking and future-proof
  • Built from the ground up to best leverage the power of the Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Easier to add features and services
  • Better and faster installation with fewer software problems
  • Easier integration with other software programs
  • Utilizes diskless, fanless, power efficient, IP-based set top boxes (STBs) linked to a central IT system
  • Compared to PC solutions, the STB is quieter, less complex, more reliable, lower cost and lower maintenance

Ethernet vs. Coaxial (RF) Comparison