Turning the Hospital "Room of the Future” into Reality

Jeff Fallon, CEO at Vibe Health, discusses his journey to elevate “The Modern Care Experience Platform” to hospitals for patients and clinical staff

Jeff Fallon, CEO of Vibe Health, recently sat down with Jim Tate on an episode of The Tate Chronicles to discuss the hospital room of the future. The conversation focused on Fallon’s optimistic view of what lies ahead with the implementation of smart room technology in hospitals across the U.S., and his ongoing mission to provide solutions that support both patients and nurses.

The Modern Care Experience Platform

Coined the “nurse call button” in the 1970s, the primary interface for hospitalized patients to communicate with their care team has undergone a paradigm shift through the years. In today’s world of smart technology, instant access to information and resources is the new normal. Whatever the circumstance, from the birth of a baby to a life-threatening diagnosis, all patients want personalized information made more readily available, along with a sense of involvement in their care plan and control throughout their hospital stay.

Gone are the days of patients being identified by a number or a diagnosis code. With Vibe Health’s intelligent integration into a hospital’s IT systems, such as the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), personalized information is available at the patient’s fingertips—including the names and photos of staff entering their room, and educational videos to help them prepare for what to expect after discharge.

Shaping the Hospital Room of the Future

“Smart technology” has become a term recognized within hospitals to describe the utilization of various technologies, including the Internet of Things (IoT), tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, and electronic whiteboards, all with the goal of enhancing the delivery of care. While many are deploying this tech to advance their “patient room of the future” projects, the reality is that the future is here, as Vibe Health is delivering these innovations to patients and their care teams in hospitals across the U.S. right now.

Vibe Health serves as the central interface for communication, education, entertainment, virtual nursing, telehealth, and much more.

It has become a cornerstone platform for today’s leading hospitals. This technology breaks down technology silos—enabling interoperability across systems and reducing the number of devices, or point-solutions, required inside the hospital room. The benefits of simplifying and streamlining the IT stack can be felt by employees, clinicians, and patients alike.

 Reducing Labor Shortages and Burnout

One of the biggest pressures facing the healthcare industry today is labor shortages. While the pandemic drove many out of the field, tools such as EMRs simply have not served as clinician satisfiers by any stretch. That said, they are an essential part of a hospital system, the inner workings that make up the backbone of every hospital. Thus, the importance of a smart technology platform such as Vibe Health becomes amplified when it can integrate with the EMR to give back time to clinicians. Technology must enable more care, not less care.

Vibe Health automates clinical workflow and alleviates nonclinical tasks, which enables nurses to practice at the top of their license and deliver a more high-touch healthcare experience.

Five Years into the Future

Looking five more years into the future, we will see hospitals continue to accelerate the adoption of smart room technology. And since the pandemic has fast-tracked the adoption of telehealth, we find that the benefits of these health IT solutions go far beyond pathogen avoidance. It’s all about efficiency for all—patients and care teams alike.

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