Happy Nurses, Happy Hospitals: Why Training Unlocks the Key to Staff Retention

Heather Wood, CPXP, VP of Clinical Innovation & Training for Vibe Health by eVideon, discusses eVideon's recently launched client Training Program, including its unique focus on nurses and the pivotal role training plays in improving nurse satisfaction.

It’s National Nurses Week, an annual time of year to take a step back and truly thank our frontline caregivers for all they do to better the lives of our patients and communities. Maybe you’re considering rewarding your nursing team with a pizza party or donuts brought to the break rooms, or something of the sentiment to show your appreciation. While your intentions are good, do you want to know the real secret to keeping nurses happy and showing up to work? Training.

Why Training Matters

Upskilling nursing talent is important for a multitude of reasons: it can allow them to accomplish more tasks with less frustration and take care of patients more efficiently; it can streamline workflows; and oftentimes, it can also lead to less errors. To be clear, the efficiencies described do not mean cutting corners. Rather, it means figuring out new ways to accomplish more with less, which in the long run can equal better care for patients and less administrative burnout for nurses.

At eVideon, we have heard this refrain for continued training and upskilling nursing talent from hospital leaders across the country, and we are thrilled to share that we’ve listened. We truly want our hospital partners, namely nurses, to be successful when it comes to using our technology—that’s why we developed a comprehensive Training Program for our Vibe Health client community. The program features user-friendly tutorials, self-guided courses, and extensive product documentation resources, all designed with each of our hospital and health system partners in mind. Read on for three reasons why we did it!

Reason #1: Nurses Need Usability

First and foremost, our training program is accessible to everyone from the leaders on the floor to the bedside nurses and CNAs. Each user is given their own individual username and password, granting them access to our Vibe Health Support Portal. Once inside the portal, users can explore content that has been customized based on the specific configurations and solutions deployed at their organization. The four components of the training portal include:

  1. Training courses
  2. Video & documentation resources
  3. Training requests
  4. Support Portal

Our aim is to empower nurses with the information they need to utilize our solutions and reap their benefits; therefore, training courses are specific to the organizations and their workflows. For example, the “Isolation Levels and Precautions” that are standard on the Aware digital door signs at one hospital will vary from another. Video resources provide a visual overview of how each of the Vibe Health solutions work in the room. For example, if you’re struggling to help a patient order their meals using the Vibe Health platform,  there is a brief video to explain the basic workflow. Training requests are just what they sound like—we make our subject matter experts, including members of our clinical team, available to our clients for support and guidance.  Lastly, the Support Portal is similar to Apple’s Genius Bar. Users can submit queries and eVideon’s support team will provide the assistance they need.

Reason #2: Nurses Need Reliability

Much like usability, it’s paramount that clinical teams have technology that supports the principles of high reliability. A high-reliability organization (HRO) is an organization that consistently performs safely, efficiently, and with high quality, even in the face of complex challenges. Hospitals are complex environments, therefore systems and processes must be designed to promote safety for patients, as well as staff. At eVideon, we strive to empower Vibe Health users with the information they need, when they need it. Our Support Portal offers 24/7 access to training support—putting consistent information at the users’ fingertips.

The portal also functions as a resource in between onsite training visits with our subject matter experts. We recognize that in-person training is invaluable and make no mistake—in-person support isn’t going anywhere. However, we know that questions occur after hours and often troubleshooting cannot wait. Added bonus? All nurse’s stations at each of our partner sites have access to online tutorials specific to their products and features and they can jump to exactly what they have a question about in real-time. Top of sight and top of mind!

Reason #3: Nurses Need Quality

There’s no doubt that the quality of the technology at clinical teams’ disposal far surpasses what was available five years ago or even one year ago . Now it’s imperative that nurses have training available that matches on the quality scale! Our team at eVideon has a strong clinical makeup, and we realize how important it is for nurses and clinical teams to work at the top of their license. We don’t want them to only know how to use a fraction of the tools in their toolkit—we want them to know how to use everything! Once they learn it, the time they save improves their quality of life and improves patient care.

In Closing

The greatest accolade we can hear from our hospital and health system partners is that the usability, reliability, and quality of the technology we provide exceeds the expectations of their staff and patients. We believe that our commitment to training and the new training capabilities thatwe offer will position our hospital partners for success now and well and into the future.

Interested in learning more about our training program? Contact us today!