Nearly five months ago, I proudly accepted the appointment of CEO to eVideon Health. It has been an eventful five months, culminating in some news we just released.  

On August 26, our parent company, Optimal Solutions Incorporated announced the sale of SchoolFinance - our education division, to LINQ. I am beyond delighted for the SchoolFinance team and their customers. It’s a testament to the great work the SchoolFinance division does and signifies an incredibly exciting time for eVideon.

What this means for eVideon is a singular focus on our healthcare clients, and a new investment in creating the best, most innovative technologies in our space. We recently launched an advisory board with decades of expertise in healthcare IT to help guide us as we accelerate, contributing product innovation ideas, clinical wisdom from the front lines of healthcare delivery, and guidance in the new era of healthcare consumerism and value-based care.

eVideon is proud of our history. Our roots in systems integration placed us at the forefront of technology innovation from the start. Luckily for us, the technology was in our hands all along. We’ve had the opportunity to celebrate many firsts for our category in healthcare. For example, in 2007 we introduced the first end-to-end 100% IP-based interactive patient experience platform. In 2013, we were the first to integrate a bi-directional interface with VistA/CPRS, the Veterans Affairs bespoke EHR. And we’re incredibly proud that to date, more than twelve years in the healthcare space in over 100 sites, we have not yet lost a client. Truly, our storied past bodes well for this new phase in our future.

What can you expect from eVideon? For one thing, we’d like to get to know you better. We’re taking steps to make that easier for you. We’re proud of our team, and will be featuring our team members on our website so you might get to know them better too. You’ll also notice other small changes as we advance our brand. We want to make it easier for people to chat with us, learn who we are, and share ideas about patient experience. We’re also developing cool new features and advancing our technology to meet our clients’ growing needs and ensure great returns on their patient experience investments. During this exciting time, we’re dreaming big, and we want to hear from the industry: What’s on your wish list for patient experience? How is technology transforming your hospital? How can we help?

The team at eVideon will undoubtedly chuckle at this sentiment, as I’m known for saying it often, but it’s true - the best is ahead.

Jeff Fallon 

CEO, eVideon Health