Recently, the US Department of Veterans Affairs published an article in their newsletter about how they are bringing the Veteran News Network (VNN) to patients in VA hospitals across the country. The hope is to alleviate some of the consternation and frustration surrounding TV programming for Veterans, visitors, and staff.

We’re proud to partner with VA hospitals across the country to deliver the VNN across our devices and directly to Veterans. Here’s some valuable information about VNN and why it’s a great way to engage and support Veterans in your care.

What is the VNN?

The VNN is a TV channel developed by the Employee Education System with colleagues across the VA.

Fast facts
  • Approximately 25 percent of VA medical centers report displaying VNN.
  • This constitutes a potential audience of 1.5 million Veterans per month
  • In November, VNN’s news series, VA News, reached approximately 70,000 Veterans in its first month across all social media platforms.
  • There is no cost to VAMCs for the channel

Why VNN is special

The VNN was created in response to real Veterans and their demand for quality content. As a trusted source, of course the VNN provides news tailored for the Veteran audience. Beyond that, It’s even a public health tool, as it’s useful in distributing education and the right messaging to all the Veterans seeking care at VA facilities - helping shape attitudes and motivate Veterans to adopt healthier behaviors.

How it works

VNN is delivered via the VA’s national satellite system, the VA Knowledge Network (VAKN). That means the content can reach VAs all over the country.

An added benefit

One great benefit of displaying VNN in VA hospitals is that it’s a great alternative to the cable news and limited daytime TV options one might usually find in public areas. VA hospitals and those in the commercial sector can probably agree that it’s hard to find channels and content that everyone can agree on. But VNN’s focus on Veteran issues and providing a great mix of entertaining, informative, and inspiring content 24 hours a day ensures the content is relevant to those visiting your hospital.

What you get with VNN

The VNN offers lots of content including, but not limited to:

  • Veteran-centric health education - a must in VA hospitals
  • Content encouraging Veterans to take full advantage of their health benefits
  • Music by military bands
  • Active duty happenings
  • Comedic shows about military experiences
  • Inspirational stories that empower Veterans to live their best lives
  • News and top stories from around the VA including treatment options

How eVideon can help

We’re honored to be the partner of choice for a number of VAs and DoDs throughout the country to provide Veteran engagement and experience solutions. eVideon can display VNN content throughout your facilities - in waiting/common areas and direct to Veteran rooms. Our clients and their Veterans love having a wealth of entertainment and information that’s just for them, and we love delivering it.

If you’re interested in showing the VNN in your VA hospital, contact us! We’d love to help you bring the most relevant and compelling content to your Veterans.