eVideon, a leader in hospital patient experience, and BAHA Enterprises, a leader in connecting health tech companies with resources to grow, today announced they will launch a new podcast. The podcast, Healthcare Sound-Off, will focus on patient experience and engagement across the US and will feature industry experts in a conversational, Q&A style format. Hosting the podcast is Samir Batra, CEO of BAHA Enterprises and Advisory Board Chairman for eVideon, which produces the podcast.

“We receive so much great feedback from our Advisory Board, our client partners, and the industry in general,” said Jeff Fallon, eVideon CEO. “That feedback has helped us immensely at eVideon in understanding healthcare’s vision for patient experience and what those on the front lines really want from their solutions. It only makes sense to share that with healthcare at large. It’s a conversation we love to have on a continuing basis. This podcast will help us do that and will hopefully be useful to healthcare providers nationwide.” 

“When we put our heads together, whether it’s an Advisory Board meeting at eVideon or as advisors to healthcare organizations or investors, we learn so much and brainstorm great solutions and ideas that can be touted and replicated across the industry,” said Batra. “And anyone who knows my approach knows we are all about paying it forward and sharing information amongst knowledge seekers, so to pick the brains of healthcare industry experts nationwide is like living a dream. I’m humbled to host and more importantly share this podcast with healthcare at large. May we all learn something from each other to move healthcare forward.”

The podcast is currently in production and is expected to launch their inaugural episode later this month. The initial episodes will cover topics such as virtual care delivery, how the pandemic has affected hospitals that aren’t located in hot spots, and how nursing has changed during the pandemic. 

About eVideon

eVideon provides patient experience and engagement solutions for hospitals via a suite of bedside engagement systems, TV, digital signage, digital whiteboards, and other interactive displays. Patients enjoy the convenience of self-service at the bedside with access to entertainment, education, hospital services, and more while staff enjoy streamlined, paperless workflows. Interactive surveys and patient feedback help patients communicate needs and help hospitals respond before dissatisfiers turn into HCAHPS issues. The platform leverages integrations with the hospital’s EHR, along with other technologies to provide a streamlined, digital patient experience. Data analytics provide valuable insights into patient behaviors and pain points, letting hospitals improve service and outcomes. Learn more at

About BAHA Enterprises

BAHA (Bay Area Healthcare Advisors) is a boutique venture and advisory firm focused on technology solutions for early stage/growth investors, startups and providers.  BAHA works with leading healthcare entrepreneurs and startups in guiding investment decisions and growth strategies.  Through the use of a collaborative ecosystem they deliver: advice, strategy, network, partnerships and growth execution.  BAHA also extracts pure unadulterated data from users, buyers, and customers to drive strategy and execution for emerging technologies.  BAHA also establishes deep rooted partnerships with investors: providing highly curated deal flow that is impeccably matched to an investment thesis; perform due diligence on opportunities that is powered by BAHA Advisors who are highly experienced clinicians and executives from leading healthcare organizations; foster the creation of an open community amongst early stage investors of all kinds (HIP -  Learn more at



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