ELEVATE PX is a virtual gathering bringing together the voices of the global community committed to elevating the human experience in healthcare. ELEVATE PX is a dynamic, interactive event connecting the community for learning, support and the sharing of ideas to positively impact the experience in healthcare organizations around the world. As the central part of Patient Experience Week 2021, we will have a celebration and opportunity for learning like no other.

Learn about how our partners at Spectrum Health connected isolated patients with their loved ones during COVID-19, all while helping nurses avoid tech troubleshooting. Check out the session titled How Nurses Connected Isolated Patients Without Endless Tech Troubleshooting on April 26 at 12pm EST!

You'll also hear from our partners at Brigham and Women's Hospital and E Ink about Digital Paper solutions and how they're creating elevated patient experiences. Check out their session titled Digital Paper to deliver Timely, Cost Efficient PX Upgrades in New Normal on April 29 at 10am EST!

Register here: http://bit.ly/3mLqFj5