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Visit Vibe Health at booth 8313 in the North Hall to find out why today's top hospitals are choosing Vibe Health to modernize the healthcare journey for patients and care teams. Explore our new product features and interact with our in-room television software, dynamic digital whiteboard, customizable digital signage, easy to use companion tablet, and contact-less video visit platform. Locate us in the North Hall at the Patient Engagement 365 Pavilion.

Our expert team of industry leaders will be onsite to address questions related to system integration, technical requirements, and implementation, including staff training and optimization strategies using platform analytics. Stop by any time or contact us to schedule a personal demo onsite.

Mark your calendar to attend our Spotlight Sessions in Patient Engagement 365 Pavilion Theater where you'll hear directly from our hospital & health system clients as they shares insights, tips, and strategies for leveraging smart room technology to create clinical efficiency, engage patients and families, and improve the overall care experience.  

Tuesday, April 18 | 11:45am –12:05pm CT

Inside the Patient Room of the Future at Valley Health System

Marcia Kuipers

Presented by: Marcia Kuipers, Systems Specialist & Project Manager, Valley Health System

Valley Health System, based in Northern New Jersey, is building for the healthcare experience of the future with their new state of the art hospital, scheduled to open in early 2024. Join Marcia Kuipers, Systems Specialist and Project Manager at Valley Health as she discusses the role that smart room technology plays in advancing the health system’s strategic goals for this project. Learn how Valley Health will leverage smart TVs, digital whiteboards, bedside tablets, and digital door signs to creative an interactive and intuitive experience for patients, families, and their staff.

Wednesday, April 19 | 11:15am –11:35am CT

Empowering Patients and Clinicians with Smart Room Technology at The Ohio State University Medical Center

Presented by: Kevin Jones, MS, Director, Enterprise Architecture & Health System Informatics, The Ohio State University Medical Center

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center is building a new 1.9M square foot 25-story, 820 bed University Hospital connected to the existing hospitals opening in 2026. With this, emphasis is being placed on the design of the inpatient rooms, specifically the use of smart room technology that will bring autonomy to patients and efficiency to clinicians. Join Kevin Jones, MS, Director of Enterprise Architecture and Health System Informatics at The Ohio State University Medical Center as he shares insights into the planned integrations and how tools such as digital whiteboards and digital doors signs will be utilized to streamline clinical workflow, personalize care delivery, and modernize the healthcare journey for all.

Thursday, April 20 | 10:15am –10:35am CT

Geisinger’s Journey with Digital Whiteboards: Measuring the Impact

Becky Stametz

Presented by: Rebecca A. Stametz, DEd, MPH, VP, Digital Transformation, Steele Institute for Health Innovation, Geisinger

Digital whiteboards and Smart TVs are enablers for broader healthcare transformation. Join Rebecca “Becky” Stametz, VP of Digital Transformation in the Steele Institute for Health Innovation at Geisinger as she shares insights into Geisinger’s deployment of digital whiteboards in 100 inpatient rooms across five sites, ranging from adult specialty to pediatric units. Becky will discuss how Geisinger evaluated the digital experience, including examples of how they measure the value of this technology to patients, families, and care teams.

PLUS >> Experience the Vibe at our Pavilion Happy Hour!

Tuesday, April 18 | 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. CT

Grab a drink and let us show you how our interactive displays and easy to use technology is changing the way patients, families and clinicians stay connected. This dedicated happy hour is taking place inside the Patient Engagement 365 Pavilion (booth #8313).

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