Digital Patient Whiteboard

Keep patients and care teams informed.

eVideon’s Digital Patient Whiteboard replaces dry erase boards in patient rooms with up-to-date useful information.  

Fully Integrated

Digital whiteboard automatically gathers information from your EHR. Because it comes from the source of truth, you can be sure information is accurate and reliable every time. Nurses no longer have to spend valuable time updating dry erase boards, double checking information, and replacing old markers.


Patients can interact with the whiteboard with their pillow speaker handset or via touchscreen.

Sample whiteboard display items include but are not limited to:

  • Patient’s assigned care team
  • Daily Schedule
  • Goals or Tasks
  • Ordered Medications
  • Estimated Discharge Date
  • Discharge Preparedness
  • Pain Scale
  • Hospital Information

Available Separately or Combined

Add a digital display in the patient room or make whiteboard information available through our interactive bedside solution. The choice is yours.

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